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During the recent days, there has been a lot of excitement about our article about the Scam Group From Sofia,  “Ilan Tzorya aka Ilan Tzroya”. Already before, our articles about OneCoin and OptionStars(Global) caused a lot of excitement and comments. Apparently, there are many investors and partners who feel cheated by these sites and want their money back. The current Cybercrime Case BINEX is also part of the network around the Scam Group From Sofia. We are reporting exclusively on these developments.

BINEX and the Tradologic Connection

We have been asking  “Ilan Tzorya aka Ilan Tzroya”,   and their people several times already to provide answers and explanations. They promised to answer our questions about illegal takeover of companies blackmail by Ilan Tzorya and criminal gang of Musli from Israel but, currently, we are still waiting for these answers in order to continue our series of articles about the Scam Group From Sofia Romani Israel & Ukraine.

The KryptonCapital guys just recently opened their own “scam hunter” website where we learned about the cybercrime case “BINEX” and a respective enforcement action of the Ukrainian cyberpolice in Kiev. Hence, we made some research on the background of this international cybercrime case and its connex with the Sofia Romania network.

“Ilan Tzorya aka Ilan Tzroya” and friend reportedly are having some security issues.

We have received insider information from  “Ilan Tzorya aka Ilan Tzroya”’s office in Sofia and Ukraine and learned that he hired some armed bodyguards to protect him. Along with the information, we received pictures showing 6 security people with guns. It seems to be authentic information. We would be more than happy to receive additional information from the good actors in this cybercrime network.

The Romania-Ukrainian Network

The illegal trading site (BINEX) was closed down a few weeks ago. As was Onecoin. Evidently, the network around the Scam Group From Sofia Romania is having lethal issues.

Currently, the activities of BINEX are the subject of police investigations in some countries. Let’s start with an introducing graphical overview of the network behind BINEX:

The trading platform used to work with Tradologic software and used Milena Kabadzhova as its payment system. BINEX primarily focused on customers in Russia and Ukraine where offices are also maintained. According to the documents available to us, the center of the BINEX operation was Moscow, but an office in Kiev was also operated to acquire Ukrainian customers.

The Raid of the Ukrainian Cyberpolice

In August 2018, the Ukrainian cyberpolice raided one of the BINEX offices in Kiev. From there, the approximately 60 employees are said to have worked on acquiring more than 15,000 customers in Ukraine, Russia and other countries via their different BINEX platforms. The Ukrainian Cyberpolice, together with the police in other countries, are currently searching for the bad actors behind the BINEX network. We already reached out to the Ukrainian police to exchange information on this cybercrime case and to learn more about the results of the office raid.

According to the information available to us, the “Bulgarian-Ukrainian-Russian” BINEX is only part of a larger cybercrime network around the Scam Group From Romania Sofia and his cronies Eli Musli and Michael Golod.

Platform & Companies involved in criminal activities money laundering and defrauding investors
the following companies involved that owned by, Ilan TzoryaKrypton Capital
Krypton Blockchain
Krypton Trading
Krypton Invest
NEXT BLOCK Conference
Krypton Tech
Krypton Solutions
Krypton Education
Krypton Publisher
Intel Media
Krypton Mining
Krypton Publisher
Token Target
Krypton Management
Smart Invest
Krypton Venture
Markets Media Investment
Forex Development Corportaion
LT Tech
LT Manangment
Opera Intelligence
cryptovest.comTRADOLOGIC HK 

Following Bank accounts have been reported as taking part in defrauding investors

AdsTech Solutions Inc. (Seychelles) Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD IBAN BG20PIRB80681606101460
Tradologic HK Ltd (Hongkong) HSBC Hongkong Acc: 652-485897-838
TZORYA ILAN Bank of Cyprus Acc. 357024153091
TZORYA ILAN (ITN 2899226775) JSK UKRSIBBANK (KIEV) Acc. 26258010140507
Binarix Ltd (Seychelles)
DTIG Holding Limited (Cyprus)










What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime is an ‘umbrella’ term for lots of different types of crimes which either take place online or where technology is a means and/or target for the attack.

It is one of the fastest growing criminal activities across the world, and can affect both individuals and businesses.

Cyber crimes can affect people in different ways, and in most cases victims will feel worried and scared by what has happened. For this reason cyber crimes are treated as ‘real world’ crimes and are prosecuted as such.

The adopted definitions of cyber crime are:

  • Cyber Dependent Crimes, where a digital system is the target as well as the means of attack.  These include attacks on computer systems to disrupt IT infrastructure, and stealing data over a network using malware. The purpose of the data theft is usually to commit further crime.
  • Cyber Enabled Crimes, ‘existing’ crimes that have been transformed in scale or form by their use of the internet.  The growth of the internet has allowed these crimes to be carried out on an industrial scale.
  • The use of the internet to facilitate drug dealing, people smuggling and many other ‘traditional’ crime types.

Anyone can be a victim of cyber crime – whether you are a young person who feels they are being bullied or harassed online or an older person or business who has been scammed out of money or important data.

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